Floreat Complexity Challenge – Week 1

IMG_20140211_135833 (2)How does this work?

Floreat Consulting Australia specialises in identifying, developing and retaining talent. To give you an idea of how we do this, we’ve devised the Floreat Complexity Challenge.

Each week, we will set a short multiple choice challenge for a case study that we’d typically use during a talent identification conversation using Talentfinder. Each Wednesday we’ll publish the results of the previous week’s challenge and provide some details on why we scored the answers like we did. We suggest you read over our Identifying talent page before you start just to get a feel for how this works.

Watch out for next week’s post “Floreat Complexity Challenge – Week 2” where we’ll reveal the answer for Week 1 and provide the Week 2 challenge.

Week 1 – Case Study 

The business outlook is pretty grim. The government is laying off thousands of public servants & your company “BtoB.com” is suffering like many others. Last week 3 out of your 4 senior managers left the company! BtoB is an e-commerce company specialising in linking start-up companies in the business to business market with investor capital. The problem is, while you have many willing start-ups, capital is becoming very hard to find. As the General Manager, you’ve had to lay off 10 staff already this week – not enjoyable under any circumstances but a big deal in  your friendly and – until recently – high-performing company.  

Challenge question: what is your description of the problem here and what immediate options are there?

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