Floreat Complexity Challenge – Week 6

Answer to Week 5

B. BtoB’s market is currently Australia but it doesn’t necessarily need to be so. Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels is going to continue at least for the next 15 years, but beyond that, other energy sources will need to be found. It’s likely new sources of energy will come from Africa and Russia and they have large, growing and young populations. They will need energy for powering growing middle classes but you’d also expect political instability as these populations gain more power through higher incomes and start demanding more responsive and transparent government. A strategy that allows BtoB to take advantage of these trends would be wise.

This answer comes closest to the pure thinking at Zone 5. Zone 5 is about anticipating long-term relationships between major systems as they may affect the strategic direction of the organisation.

Week 6 Case Study*

*You can check out the background and our description of the Zones here.  Last week’s challenge is here.

IC342BHaving found a way to match both projects with funding, the Russian and Nigerian energy projects are well underway with billions already invested, and the first returns on investments are expected in the next 12 months. A breaking story that could have a big impact on your business is about a company that’s making big advances in an initiative to commercialise space travel. With a vision to create a unique leisure travel option for the wealthy, all the business needs is an energy source that can keep the cost of flights at reasonable levels.

As the new Managing Director of BtoB, your board is anxious to know your plans for the future of the organisation over the next 20 years.

Challenge question: What entirely different ways of conducting the business might emerge over the coming 10-20 years?