Floreat Complexity Challenge – Answer to Week 6

Check out the challenge for Zone 6 here.

time&spaceA Zone 6 answer is a thing of great beauty and very rare indeed!

Answer C comes the closest of those indicated as it starting to sketch out a realistic vision for the future. As you can imagine, the challenge in putting forth a viable plan at Zone 6, not to mention defending and altering that plan through the role play scenario would be very difficult:

C.It’s now many years into the future – some things are different yet some stay the same. The passing of peak oil and continual threats and disasters afflicting low-lying metropolitan areas in most countries, forced the hand of many governments to switch permanently from fossil fuels. The result has been a spectacular rise of a handful of innovative organisations who’ve managed to produce clean energy cheaply from a variety of sources including by-products of the traditional energy producers, plants and the natural environment. And yet while these advances have been made, less developed countries continue to rely on fossil fuels and have taken advantage of traditional machinery and infrastructure of companies and countries that no longer use it. The result is increasing disparity – not only in relation to incomes and economic efficiency, but also living and environmental standards.

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