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Launch of Floreat Consulting Australia


12th February, 2014

International Management Consultancy, Floreat Launched in Australia

 Leadership specialists hope to uncover local leadership potential and drive the future success of Australian organisations. 

Sydney, Australia: UK-based management consultancy, Floreat Consulting, has announced its services will now be directly available in Australia.

Floreat specialises in identifying and developing management talent in organisations, helping ensure the long-term viability of the business and the well-being of its employees.

Floreat, which has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations including Petronas, Laing O’Rourke, Vale, and BHP Billiton, is launching an Australian operation to meet widespread demand in the Asia-Pacific for effective talent identification services.  Director of Floreat Consulting Australia Sam Robinson, says strong economic growth forecasts for Australia have led many organisations to consider how to best harness their talent and make the most of these new economic possibilities:

“Even the most prudent economic outlooks for Australia suggest the country will enjoy reasonable growth until 2017. This is the time that companies should be planning for their future. Organisations need strong leadership to ensure that they are not only capturing the new market opportunities available to them, but also safeguarding the ongoing feasibility of their organisations in the event of future financial downturns”.

Recognising and fostering individuals with strong leadership potential should be at the heart of a strategy to secure a robust organisation, says Robinson:

 “Creating an organisational culture that nurtures ambition, confidence and innovation is essential to that organisation’s ability to weather economic challenges and thrive in a competitive marketplace at both a national and international level. We have seen time and time again in our work with organisations in both Australia and abroad that companies that identify and invest in talent can boast improved employee motivation, retention and well-being as well as enjoying measurable increases to performance and profitability”.

Scott Forrester, Director of Floreat Consulting Australia, believes that Floreat’s talent identification tools provide a clear picture of an individual’s future leadership potential and a pathway for developing that potential into capability. He says:

“Floreat’s UK consultants have been engaged in researching and measuring the long-term potential of people for over twenty years. The parameters for doing so were discovered by studying the performance of the top leaders in major, global organisations. Going forward, we will be applying our expertise in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, working with organisations to optimise their potential and create durable businesses.”

Click here for a pdf version of our press release Press Release 12 February 2014.