Current capability

picWe can guide you to insights into your own current capability across 8 key areas.

What is “capability”? 

While “potential” is about your future ability, “capability” refers to how you are currently applying your abilities. As individual qualities, we believe that the following 8 capabilities are among the most important for what is required to be a successful leader.

Through a guided conversation as part of our Individual Career Development service, we help you to understand your current capabilities so we can reveal the areas in which you are strong, and how you can grow in areas that you would like to develop.

Planning Work

Using judgement to create plans that balance the need for robustness against the requirement for flexibility in the face of normally changing circumstances

Managing Pressure 

Using judgement in keeping the balance between taking urgent action and making calm decisions

Building Relationships 

Balancing personal style to achieve desired results with and through others: knowing when to make decisions and when to consult

Adapting & Changing  

Managing the balance between the need for change and stability respectively

Achieving Results

Balancing tenacity in pursuit of the goal with the ability to re-appraise the goal and its value as things move on

Working Systematically

Managing the balance between working to a stable system and remaining alert to opportunities for change to improve effectiveness

Managing Resources

Keeping a balance in the use of resources, between being economical while at the same time committing sufficient resources to get a result


The “technical” side of communication. Knowing when and how to communicate