Identifying talent

We identify talent by measuring an individual’s future ability to be successful in leadership positions. We call this service Talentfinder. Talentfinder is a one-on-one conversation with a profiler that takes a candidate through a carefully graded set of challenges.

Zones of Thinking 

zones-of-thinkingAs the conversation develops, the problems escalate in time and space, mirroring very closely the actual demands of thinking required to work successfully at different levels of a large organisation: for example the level of operational action on the front line, through to the tactical and strategic level at executive leadership positions. We call these Zones of Thinking.

Zone The essence of the Zone
1. Operational actions Describe the situation accurately and identify immediate actions and priorities
2. Operational decisions Analyse and interpret the information given to contain and resolve a short-term situation
3. Systems Identify cause-effect relationships defining the issue and manage the situation in the short-term
4. Tactical Identify implications of the problem as a whole for the control of business and social tactics
5. Strategic Recognise long-term relationships between major systems as they may affect strategic direction of the business
6. Corporate vision Develop an attainable vision of a long-term future

Leadership Qualities


At each of the steps in the conversation we look for precisely defined behaviours that reveal the ability to operate at that step and hence to learn to become competent at that level: we call these Leadership Qualities. At a certain point, the scenario will become too difficult for the candidate to deal with and some or all of the required behaviours will be absent. This is the limit of the candidate’s leadership potential that was displayed during the conversation.

At the end of the process, the candidate is provided with a full debrief on the results and a written report. If Talentfinder is used as part of an organisational process of talent identification and development, a de-brief can also be conducted with the candidate’s manager and Human Resources.

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