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All of us need an answer to the question: where am I going? We help to answer that question for individuals in your team or organisation through our unique Career Development coaching services. Let us help you design a program that will leave a lasting positive impact on your people.

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“Many of us come to a point in our careers where we become competent in technical skills. From engineers to lawyers, accountants and surveyors; our skills provide a great deal of value to the organisations we work for. And yet we wonder about the next step into leadership roles that entail a related but new set of skills.”

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Great places to work are where people know what they’re expected to do, are clear on how they are performing and what is thought of their performance, and understand where they are headed. Building an organisation like this will succeed because an environment is created for people to be satisfied with their work and achieve their potential.

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When selecting employees for leadership development programs and training, you need to be sure that you are making the best investment possible. Often individuals are chosen for leadership programs on the basis of very subjective information or none at all.

Our approach is different. We can determine with accuracy which people in your organisation would most benefit from leadership development as a result of the way they can handle increasing levels of real-world challenges. This enables investment to be directed towards these people, and preventing undue stress on those who will be less able to deal with the complexity of working in higher level roles.

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Succession planning is about understanding the future human capability requirements of an organisation given its current circumstances as well as its commercial tactics and strategy. Increasingly, organisations are focusing on succession planning as an essential part of their overall strategic plans.

Floreat Consulting Australia can support the design and implementation of a succession planning system by measuring the requirements of current and future roles, highlighting essential competences for an organisation’s strategic development. We can then measure the potential of candidates for succession, giving an immediate indication of which candidates have the ability to grow to fill the role, and enable investment to be directed toward the right people.

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Graduates are the leaders of the future. But how do you know who among a graduate intake can deal with the demands of leadership roles in the future? Wouldn’t it be great to know that before recruitment and use that information to guide decisions about development of an individual into the future? Now you can…

Floreat Consulting Australia can support your graduate recruitment strategy by determining what sort of leadership capability your organisation needs in the future and then determining which individuals can develop into future leadership roles.

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Recruitment should be strongly linked to your retention strategy. While there are many services that can assist the recruitment process there are very few that look at not only an individual’s potential to handle the complexity of the role they are a candidate for, but also their potential for future roles.

After working with you to measure the requirements of a role, we can assist you to profile the potential of short-listed candidates which enables a sound decision to be made about the right candidate for the role. This is also done with an eye on the candidate’s future in other roles.

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