Talentfinder is our premium talent identification service.

We use a rigorous methodology to determine the way an individual thinks about challenges – not only intellectually – but also the social, political and ethical context within which a solution must be positioned. We do this in order to assess the extent to which an individual exhibits the traits necessary to succeed in leadership positions in the future. We use cutting edge, real-world problems that provide an opportunity for an individual to think on their feet. It’s challenging, enjoyable and inherently interesting.


  • A clear picture of an individual’s future leadership potential
  • Viable pathways for developing potential into capability
  • A platform for understanding the type of work for which an individual is most suited

How it works

A candidate is presented with a case study scenario – something they are expected to know nothing about. The scenario typically takes place in an organisation that is facing challenges of either a financial, political, ethical or cultural nature. The candidate is firstly asked to respond to what they see in the scenario and then is asked questions as an actual participant in the scenario itself (for example, as a general manager of a factory). This pattern continues with the challenges in the scenario becoming more and more difficult.

Where it’s been used before

The Floreat methodology has been used across a broad range of industry sectors and in many organisations such as: Laing O’Rourke, BHP, Shell, Vale, Antarctica NZ and Petronas (Malaysia). See our Success Stories for more details.


The ideal setting is an interview conducted face-to-face, however video conferencing is suitable if a face-to-face interview is not possible. This process takes between 1 and 3 hours. A report is provided within a week and a personal de-brief conducted with the candidate. If Talentfinder is used as part of a talent identification and development system, de-brief can also be conducted with the candidate’s manager and Human Resources.

Download a printable copy of the Talentfinder service description Talentfinder – Understanding Potential.

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