Transition to Leadership

A leadership program for aspiring leaders in technical professions

“Many of us come to a point in our careers where we become competent in technical skills. From engineers to lawyers, accountants and surveyors; our skills provide a great deal of value to the organisations we work for. And yet we wonder about the next step into leadership roles that entail a related but new set of skills.”

Transition to Leadership is a leadership program that supports aspiring leaders recognise their own potential, providing a pathway for development in order to be successful in a leadership role in their chosen profession. Our offering is challenging and engaging, as well as tailored to specific industry sectors.  We strive to inspire all of our attendees to become better leaders in their chosen field.

Sector-specific offerings

Currently we have offerings* for the following sectors:

  • Mining and resources
  • Property and construction
  • Agriculture
  • Local government  
  • Law firms and lawyers
  • Banking and finance
Module 1 Understanding yourself and your sector

  • Floreat Talentfinder profile (completed prior to the program) – an assessment of leadership potential
  • Individual capability necessary for senior leadership
  • Major business trends in your industry sector

Module 2 – Understanding teamwork and leadership

  • Team work model & the assigning work process
  • Reflection on your personal leadership & team work style
  • The skills of a leader: feedback, coaching, confronting
  • Understanding and developing organisational culture

Module 3 – Understanding your organisation

  • Culture and leadership revisited
  • Authority and accountability
  • Levels of work – leadership work vs technical skilled work

Outcomes for participants

  • A comprehensive understanding of your own leadership potential
  • Your areas for development in order to be a successful future leader
  • Insight into industry trends that will affect your leadership
  • Effective and practical models for leading and working well in teams
  • An introduction to how organisations work and the importance of organisational culture


Workshop size

Our workshop size is limited to 12 people – enabling a setting that maximises learning opportunities for participants


Venue is typically off-site – we can provide advice about suitable venues in most major centres

*We welcome the opportunity to design a program with you collaboratively that is sensitive to the context of your particular industry sector or organisation. 

Download a printable version here: Transition to Leadership.